Xtreme Preston – Case Study

The entire site was designed, manufactured and installed by Xtreme Trampoline Arenas.
After discussing with the client, we brought Europe’s first parkour into the trampoline world!
The client wanted to stand out from the crowd by creating a new sector within the industry whilst ensuring the park appealed to all ages, by building a world-first fully featured junior parkour zone.


This ‘Xtreme’ trampoline arena is built on various levels, allowing the more adventurous to get the thrill fix they crave and ensuring the longevity of the park.

Our client had a bold vision for the brand of the park – which is shown throughout with the vibrant colours and artwork throughout the building.


Flip Out Trampoline Park

Key areas used in the trampoline park

Full Toddler Zone



Foam Pit

Angle Beds

Board Sides

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Our Proven Process Works


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