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Xtreme Trampoline Arenas provide a worldwide professional service, at an unbeatable price! With the fastest turnaround times.

All of our equipment is manufactured in the UK, ensuring the highest quality of product.
Building trampoline parks and Arenas is what we do best! But if you have a unique idea – get in touch with us! We can build, design and install anything you dream of.

We can even change your existing Trampoline park (upgrade) if you require and turn your park into something special – why have a trampoline park when you can have an arena?!
We can service your existing park, give it the once over and make sure that it is up to standard, there are providers out there that are kind of lacking in this field – get the professional’s in and make sure its right.

Why Are We The Best?

Our unique set-up gives us unrivalled turnaround times = FACT!
We guarantee our installations & equipment. Our product quality is second to none = FACT!
Our site engineers (Installers) are the very best out there = FACT!
We handle every aspect of your build – providing a seamless experience. Because there is no 3rd party involved, this helps reduce costs = FACT!
why have a trampoline park? When you can have an arena?! We know design is key = FACT!
We just cant be beat on cost = FACT!

Working all over the world on small to large contracts. Our clients trust us = FACT!

Trampoline arena startup


The first thing is to find a suitable location and the right building/ unit size to suit your requirements.
Contact our consultant, on 07970472656. He can guide you through this most crucial step in planning your business.

Trampoline park finance

Financing Help

Here at Xtreme Trampoline Arenas, we have a number of trusted financial providers, that can help fund your new venture.
Based on your circumstances and needs, we can help you find the best solution.

3d arena trampoline

Design & 3D Modeling

Once we have an understanding of your needs, we will then produce a 2D image of how we would recommend your floor plan layout. When the client is happy with the floor plan, we will then produce an immersive set of 3D images

manufacture trampoline park


All of our products are sewn, fabricated and manufactured here in the UK. Exclusively for the use of Xtreme trampoline Arenas.
This ensures our products meet and exceed safety regulations in all areas.

Trampoline park installation


With our background history in the family entertainment centre business, our site technicians (installers) ensure the quality of the installation is carried out to the highest of standards.

Repair indoor trampoline park

Maintenance & Servicing

Xtreme Trampoline Arenas can service and maintain your centre, even if it hasn’t been build by us.
From a simple spring replacement to a full re-design – we can do it all!

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